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Crocodile Farm (crocodiles in Vietnam)

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Crocodiles in Vietnam are not exotic; they are common animals, people here eat their meat and make bags, shoes and other things of their leather. Crocodile leather is in good demand so there are special crocodile farms growing crocodiles in Vietnam. Crocodile farms are very popular all over South-East Asia and Vietnam is no exception, that makes crocodiles in Vietnam quite common, and we can offer you an interesting and exciting tour to crocodile farm near Mui Ne to your pleasure.

Crocodile farm (crocodiles in Vietnam)

One of crocodile farms growing crocodiles is located near Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. Visit to a farm is a part of three tours: Reclining Buddha tour, Ke Ga Lighthouse tour, and Binh Chau hot mineral springs and mud tour.

You can find different species of crocodilian, take a closer look at them and even feed them using special rod.  Through that might be a horrifying sight, it’s absolutely safe for tourists.

Here at crocodile farm you can also find some shops with lots of affordable products made of crocodile leather.

After feeding the crocodiles, it’s time for you to grab some food. Crocodile and ostrich meat, light soup, rice and fresh tropical fruits are served for dinner. Many tourists believe crocodile meat to be the tastiest thing they’ve ever eaten.

Dima-Tour offers you a tour to crocodile farm that includes: tour guide services, transfer, 1 rod for feeding reptiles and a healthy dinner.

Trip to crocodile farm is a part of the tours:

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