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Ke Ga lighthouse

The oldest and the highest lighthouse in South-East Asia is Ke Ga lighthouse, situated 40 kilometers away from Muy Ne. Ke Ga lighthouse was built in 1899 to provide safe navigation for commercial and military ships. The construction of the building was managed by a french architect Shenavat. Ke Ga lighthouse is 35 meters high (plus 30 meters high hill it’s located at).

Ke Ga lighthouse: guarding fore more than a century

Ke Ga lighthouse is situated at a small island near the coast. Local fishermen will help you to reach it. Round fishing boat Thung Chai takes you to a speedboat that navigates to a rocky shore. The island itself is very beautiful. Huge rocks and hundred years old trees adorn it. The trees here were planted right after the construction of the lighthouse. The island is especially beautiful when tropical frangipani trees are blooming.  The trees are called so after Italian nobleman who created the perfume with wonderful fragrance of these flowers.

After climbing 182 steps of a spiral staircase and reaching the top of Ke Ga Lighthouse you’ll discover a wonderful view: the bay and the sea shore with fishing boats. Here you can take beautiful pictures or just reflect, admiring the endless deeps of South China Sea.

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