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Reclining Buddha on the mount Ta Ku

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Reclining (lying) Buddha, a holy symbol for people of Vietnam, is located 40 kilometers away from Mui Ne. Reclining Buddha and an ancient pagoda situated on the top of the mountain not only attract local pilgrims, but also tourists that come to Vietnam. The roads in Vietnam are very interesting and beautiful. On the way to Reclining Buddha you will find rice fields and wonderful dragon fruits plantations. You also might see lotuses blooming or herons walking proudly around the fields.

Reclining Buddha on the mount Ta Ku

The road to Reclining Buddha takes about 40 to 50 minutes. There is a park with blooming trees and flowers near the mountain, where an electric car is waiting to get you to the foot of the mountain. The Ta Ku height is 475 meters. You can use a modern cable car to get to the top. The landscapes you can see from the funicular are absolutely stunning. Vietnamese pilgrims choose the hard way and don’t use modern technology. They travel to the top of Taku by foot. Such a journey can take from 40 minutes to 3 hours depending on how fit you are. Reclining Buddha statue (also known as entering nirvana Buddha statue) is hidden behind the trees.  It was built in 1963 thanks to a local fundraiser. The Reclining Buddha statue is 49 meters long and 11 meters high.

Here you can feel the special Buddhist atmosphere, find harmony, or maybe even resolve some of your problems meditating.

Trip to Reclining Buddha statue is a part of the tours:

  • Reclining Buddhafor $25 (schedule: from 8:00 till 12:00 or from 14:00 till 18:00),

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