Vietnam attractions

Mui Ne Beaches, Vietnam

Mui Ne

The coast of Mui Ne is famous for its sand beaches. The coast extends for several kilometers, so you won't find crowded beaches here, unlike at many popular resorts. You can enjoy the beautiful sea calmly even in the center of Mui Ne without being disturbed. Comparing to Nha Trang, another popular Vietnamese sea resort, there are less tourists and it breaths easier in Mui Ne. There in no need looking for a free beach chair or going to remote beaches looking for serenity.
Buddha, Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat

Da Lat is located about 1500 meters above sea level. It was built by French at the end of 19 century (Vietnam is an ex French colony) to hide away from hot and wet Saigon climate. Da Lat is often called “Little Paris” and “the City of never-ending spring”.
Binh Chau hot mineral springs and mud

Binh Chau hot mineral springs and mud

How can you rest and relax with benefit for health? Apart from traditional Vietnamese massage, you can visit a wonderful resort of Binh Chau. It’s a nice place for the whole family. The kids can get dirty in healing mud and bath as much as they want in hot springs, good for growing kids’ immune system and health. Rejuvenated, velvet skin will please the ladies, and the gentlemen can relax and enjoy their stay with benefit for health.
Crocodile farm (crocodiles in Vietnam)

Crocodile Farm (crocodiles in Vietnam)

Crocodile farm tour will impress you even if you have already seen some crocodiles. You might not only take a look at them, but also feed those vicious carnivorous animals using a special rod. You can taste some crocodile meet, too. And by the way, crocodile meat is not only delicious, but healthy.
Fishing in Vietnam from Mui Ne

Fishing in Vietnam

Hunting a piranha with a bamboo rod? What can be easier! There is a wonderful place for fishing near Mui Ne, where you can catch two fishes at one time (using one rod with two fishing lines). You’ll be given a bait, and some help using it, if needed. There are lots of fishes there, and some of them are really big – 2-5 kg weight. Piranha fishing is not only exiting adventure for men, but also for ladies and kids. And of course all the fish you catch will be cooked and eaten during a nice picnic.
White sand dunes and lotus lake near Mui Ne, Vietnam

White sand dunes and Lotus lake

Huge white dunes rising on the banks of lake full of blooming lotus flowers are really made for impress you. And for sure you won’t leave this place without amazing memories and photos.
Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Fairy stream

This is a wonderful place to make great pictures because of its white stalagmites and red sands, stream and picturesque waterfall. Also you can find one unusual plant here, called “shy grass” by locals for folding its leaves when you touch them.
Red canyon near Mui Ne, Vietnam

Red canyon

The martian-like landscape you’ll see in Red Canyon will remind you of sci-fi movies. The canyon leads to a huge valley with a beautiful sea view and giant cacti growing in its upper part. This all is for sure unforgettable.
Reclining Buddha on the mount Ta Ku, Vietnam

Reclining Buddha on the mount Ta Ku

You can find the largest Reclining Buddha statue at the picturesque Takou mountain 40 km away from Mui Ne. The statue is 49 meters long. You can climb the mountain through the jungle or use a modern cable car to get there. It won’t only save you time but you’ll get a chance to enjoy wonderful views. Apart from the Buddha, you’ll find a Buddhist temple and multiple statues at Takou. And don’t forget about some funny monkeys!
Saigon tour (Ho Chi Minh), Vietnam


After the war of 1975, the city of Saigon was renamed after the first Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh City now is the biggest city and economical center of Vietnam. Its population is about 8 million people. This is the true Asia with its contradictions, traditions and variety.
Mekong Delta tour, Saigon, Vietnam

Mekong Delta

The Mekong is not only the biggest river in Vietnam, but in the whole Southeast Asia. Rich agriculture and huge noisy traditional floating market – that’s the true Asia you have seen in movies and TV. Explore the Mekong river safely with our experienced English speaking tour guides!
Cu Chi tunnels, Saigon, Vietnam

Cu Chi tunnels

The complicated system of military objects built during the Vietnam War (ended 1975) is called Cu Chi tunnels. The tunnels are situated in Cu Chi suburb of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). The tunnels were made very narrow to prevent any Caucasian people getting into, so only the Vietnamese could use them. During the Vietnam war the tunnels were used for secret military relocation and as hiding place. They were also full of smart deathly dangerous traps.
Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang tour

Nha Trang has been a popular resort since french colonization times. The climate in Nha Trang is nice and soft. Medium annual temperature is about +25-27 Celsius. There is never much rainfall, even during so called “wet season”.
Phan Thiet from Mui Ne, Vietnam

Phan Thiet

The city of Phan Thiet is the capital of Binh Thuan province. More than 250 000 people live here. Phan Thiet is one of the most important fishing and fish processing centers of Vietnam. It is famous for its traditional Vietnamese fish sauce. To make it, fish is being fermented in marinade. An unprepared tourist might find the strange smell of this product really disgusting. Anyway, the sauce has quite pleasant taste and is considered to be delicacy all over the world.
Cham towers near Mui Ne, Vietnam

Cham towers near Mui Ne

Ancient country of Champa occupied part of modern Vietnam territory between 7-17 century. You can still find chams living in Vietnam nowadays. They still keep their traditions and national clothing. Originally Cham towers were built as cult objects, but they also could get different use. The Cham Towers of Poshany near Mui Ne were built in 7 century. They are situated on the top of a tall hill you can see the city of Phan Thiet.
Ke Ga lighthouse near Mui Ne, Vietnam

Ke Ga lighthouse

The lighthouse was built at the end of 19 century to warn ships about rocky shore. The lighthouse is situated on a picturesque cape, surrounded by huge stones, polished with waves. Tropical trees are blooming next to the stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse. You can get really wonderful photos here, especially if you decide to get to the top of Ke Ga to enjoy the pristine nature.
Ha Long bay in northern Vietnam from Mui Ne

Ha Long bay in northern Vietnam

Ha Long bay is located at the north of Vietnam, in the Gulf of Tonkin near the capital city of Hanoi. The name Ha Long means “the bay the dragons descend to”. More than 2000 islands, multiple caves, rocks and cliffs form a unique nature object famous worldwide. If you visit Ha Long once, you’ll keep in mind those wonderful postcard-like views forever.
Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, from Mui Ne, Vietnam

Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is one of the biggest temple complex in the world. It was built in 12 century, dedicated to a Hindu god Vishnu. It became famous in Europe at the end of 19 century thanks to a book written by the french explorer Henri Mouhot. For sure, you have seen it many times at postcards, TV- programs and movies.

English - Vietnamese phrasebook

"Hi", "thanks", the names of the dishes and some Vietnamese numerals to bargain at the market are what you need first.

Elite apartment in Mui Ne from $800/month

Elite apartments with с 1/2/3 bedrooms and a sea view or a golf club. Modern design, panoramic windows, fully equipped kitchen and cozy living room.

The slot machine hall in Muine GMC

The only slot machine hall in Muine GMC has reopened its doors for those who want to try their luck. Slot machines, electronic roulette and baccarat, a free bar, various bonuses and draws are at your service.

Best bar in Mui Ne

This is really our favorite bar (for all of the Dima-Tour employees), it’s not advertising. This bar is always warm and sincere, and it offers the most delicious cocktails, hookahs and snacks, as well as a good company, treating all the polite people like good friends.
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