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Mui Ne

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Mui Ne resort zone is situated at the South China Sea coast between the city of Phan Thiet and the fishing village. Mui Ne combines Vietnamese ethnic flavor with European service. You can get to Mui Ne from 2 airports: one in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and one in Nha Trang (the distance is about 200 km and you can pre-order a comfortable transfer from Saigon or Nha Trang).

Mui Ne Beaches

The coast of Mui Ne is famous for its sand beaches. The coast extends for several kilometers, so you won’t find crowded beaches here, unlike at many popular resorts. You can enjoy the beautiful sea calmly even in the center of Mui Ne without being disturbed. Comparing to Nha Trang, another popular Vietnamese sea resort, there are less tourists and it breaths easier in Mui Ne. There in no need looking for a free beach chair or going to remote beaches looking for serenity.

Mui Ne beaches are full of bright sand, and the sea here can be calm, but usually you can catch some waves. Kids always have lots of fun here, riding body-surf and training to become the true surfers. If you are not a big fan of waves, every hotel offers you a swimming pool, so you can have a nice swim. Beautiful examples of landscape design and decoration can be found in the seaside hotels’ area: coconut palms and bright blooming flowers and bushes, attractive ponds and trimmed lawns with swings and benches to rest. Most of the hotels in Mui Ne are situated at 1st line, so it’s only few meters from the room to the sea.

Mui Ne Restaurants

You can find many restaurants specializing in Vietnamese, European, Indian, Mexican, Russian and other countries’ cuisine. The prices at the restaurants will surprise you in a good way. The South China Sea is generous for fish and seafood and brings the Mui Ne fishermen good catch. You can eat delicious lobsters or shrimps here, or you can try some exotic shark or even crocodile. Traditional Vietnamese recipes are used to prepare local dishes. And you can find some tasty authentic Pho soup or rice at any cafe. If you miss European cuisine, you can try some pizza, spaghetti, burgers, sandwiches, stakes, salads and many other dishes.

Shopping in Mui Ne

Apart from enjoying your meal at the restaurant, you can spend the evening exploring multiple Mui Ne shops.  Vietnamese shops don’t limit themselves to traditional touristic stuff, such as fridge magnets or pendants. You can buy pearls and gemstones, crocodile leather accessorizes, bags, suitcases, cloth and shoes. Different local natural medicines  are very popular among tourists. They are usually made of such exotic substances as snake poison or python oil. All the medicines are famous for its efficiency and don’t cost a lot in Mui Ne. All the shops are located along the main street near hotels, that’s very comfortable for tourists. You can buy anything you need near your hotel, while in Nha Trang you might need to get a taxi drive.

SPA and Beauty Salons in Mui Ne

There are many SPA-salons offering different types of massage in Mui Ne. The most popular massage, of course, is the Vietnamese one. You can try “four hands”, hot stones or aloe vera massage. Last one is really good after sunbathing at the sea because of its smoothing effect for skin. At Mui Ne salons you can also get facial masks, manicure and pedicure.

Tours in Mui Ne

Any tourist coming to Mui Ne will find an exiting tour at his choice. If you are looking for adventures, climb tall sand dunes by foot or by quad bike. You can also go to Nha Trang to visit the famous Vinpearl –  island with all kinds of entertainments,  climb to the top of Ke Ga lighthouse or go fishing (and get enough fish for lunch). If you want to feel the religious spirit of the country, you’ll enjoy visiting Takou mountain and Lying Buddha,   monasteries and temples of Da Lat. If you are interested in arts and architecture, the unusual hotel Crazy House and embroidery of artisans in Da Lat will for sure impress you. You can find all the information about tours available in Mui Ne at our site.

All the information about tours Dima-tour offers you is here.

Sports and Another Activities in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a meeting point for surfers and kiters. If you are new to these sports – it’s not a big deal. There are many schools at beaches you can rent equipment from. Experienced instructors can teach every secret of these extremal sports. The best time for kiting is from November to March. You can also try windsurfing or even ride aquabike or a fly-board. Young people usually gather at the beach to play volleyball. There are English-speaking  yoga teachers, fitness classes and gyms.

Nightlife in Mui Ne

Nightlife in Mui Ne is also reach. There are several bars and night clubs where you can listen to good music, dance and meet new people. You can find leaflets advertising different parties almost everywhere: at streets, cafes, restaurants and beaches. In Mui Ne bars you can watch a football game while drinking your beer.  Also there are live concerts and movie nights at some places. Many clubs are situated on the beach, so you can enjoy your tasty cocktail with fresh tropical juice sitting at a table with great sea-view.

Mui Ne Transportation

You can get around Mui Ne by foot, by bike or motorbike (scooter), bus or taxi. Active tourists could choose a bike. You can rent it for any time you like. For faster ride, pick a motorbike. Just don’t forget the helmet for a driver and a passenger – it’s crucial for your safety. You can find out how to rent a motorbike here.

If two-wheeled means of transportation are not your favorite, there is a huge red of taxis in Mui Ne for you. All the cars are equipped with a taximeter. It costs about $3 to get from one end of the resort to another, and about  $10 to get to Phan Thiet. If you want to save some money, you can use the public bus. The buses cruise every 15-20 minutes and cost many times less than taxis: tickets cost less than $1.

As you see everyone can find something to do in Mui Ne. Beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, interesting tours, ethnic and fruit shops, gourmet restaurants, kiting, surfing, SPA-centers, mineral springs and many other entertainments are waiting for you. We invite you all to visit Mui Ne and we’ll do our best to make your vacation comfortable and interesting. You can calculate your tour to Vietnam online here.

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