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Rent a motorbike in Vietnam

09/12/2014 by Dima-tour No Comment

The cars are very expensive in Vietnam, beacause here is no automotive industry in the country, and the import duties are really huge. That’s why everyone (including tourists) rent a motorbike in Vietnam.

According to the law, Vietnamese drive license is needed to drive a motorbike with engine volume more than 50 м3, but the fines are really low, so everyone just ignores it.

The only thing, we hardly advise you to avoid, is drunk driving. That’s the most common cause of accidents involving tourists. So we recommend you to use your bike for our daytime adventures, and switch for taxi for evening trips to multiple cafes, bars and restaurants.

Rent a motorbike in Vietnam (Mui Ne)

Contact Dima-tour  and we’ll help you profitably rent a scooter for hours, days or even months. Se can also help you to buy a scooter and advise on prices.

Beware the frauds!

There is a motorbike renting fraud scheme, popular in Vietnam. The fraud rents you a bike and starts following you. When you leave your vehicle, they start it with their own key and drive away. Then they report the scooter stolen. Usually they have a police accomplice, who confirms the fact of hijacking. And then both of them (the police and the bike-owner) start extorting you big amount of money ($500-1000). That’s why we advise you to rent from trustworthy renters only. Contact us, and Dima-tour will advise you some good renting service!


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