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Waterfalls in Vietnam: Dambri and Dasara

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Waterfalls in Vietnam are totally worth to see them. Visit Dambri and Dasara, waterfalls in Vietnam situated few kilometers away from the city of Bao Lok, to enjoy amazing nature. Those famous waterfalls in Vietnam are situated at the South of the country, between fresh green hills covered with tea and coffee plantations.

Waterfalls in Vietnam. Dambri and Dasara

There are many beautiful legends about waterfalls in Vietnam, and Dambri is no exception. Its name means “expectation”. The legend tells us a story about young man and young woman who fell in love. All they wanted was to get married and live happily ever after. But the father of the girl was against their wishes. He sent the boy far away to a place with no return. So the girl started to go the woods every night, to a place she’d used to meet her loved one. She cried, hoping her tears would bring him back. She cried so much that her tears turned into a river, and the water formed a beautiful waterfall. We still can see that amazing waterfall and hear its noise between the trees, reminding of the girl’s sorrow.

There are wild virgin jungles spreading thousands of hectares around Dambri waterfall. No surprise, there is a base for ecological tourism here. You can use an elevator to get to the waterfall.

During this tour you’ll see one more waterfall apart from Dambri, called Dasara. There is a rocky path through the jungles leading to the waterfall. You also can use a cable car to get to it.

A fast and entertaining way to get back is using self-managing variety of roller coaster. That’s the longest roller coaster in Vietnam: its length is 1650 meters, and its height reaches 1200 meters.

Apart from visiting the waterfalls, the tour includes: a visit to Ma people’s village and a visit to a tea plantation.

One day tour cost: $50.

Tour lasts from 5:00 till 18:00

Tour includes: entrance tickets, sleigh and elevator tickets, lunch with Da Lat wine.

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