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Phan Thiet

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The city of Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is a small city with a population of a bit more than 200 000 people, but the life here is in full swing. The city of Phan Thiet is a place where you can witness the real Vietnamese life. Multiple motor bikes, that seem to drive chaotically around the streets, typical fussy and diverse Asian market, fishermen with their colorful round boats, multiple small shops ans street vendors – that’s what the city of Phan Thiet is.

Phan Thiet – vivid piece of Asia

Fishing and fish processing is the main economic aspect in the development of Phan Thiet. Fish sauce producing plant in Phan Thiet is very famous in Vietnam. The sauce is valued by gourmand from all over the world.

Tourism is the second most valuable thing in the city. Pay attention: travel agencies sometimes describe  seaside hotels as “situated in Phan Thiet”, while actually the biggest part of popular hotels is 20 minutes away from Phan thiet, on the way to the fishing village of Mui Ne. The city of Phan Thiet is not the best place for resting at the beach. So check the map to find out where exactly your hotel is located at.

In 1758 a giant dead whale was thrown by the wave to the shore.  Whali is a sacred animal in Vietnam. It’s strictly forbidden to hunt and kill them. The people of Phan They built the Temple of the Whale and put there the giant skeleton. Today you can still see the 24-meters long skeleton inside the temple. Dima-Tour offers you a tour to Phan Thiet that includes a visit to the Temple of the Whale.

Also you’ll see Vietnamese fishermen working and living their everyday life. There are plenty of boats in the main port, including so called thung chai boats. “Thung” in Vietnamese means “basket”, and “chai” – resin. They were called so because they resemble a huge basket. They are made of bamboo, covered with resin and left outdoors to get dry. Nowadays you can find some modern plastic versions, even equipped with a motor.

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