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Nha Trang tour

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If you come to Vietnam, a tour to Nha Trang is a must. Nha Trang is one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam. It used to be just a small fishing village; it started to grow as a resort under the French influence (at the times of French colonization). Tourists of all ages and nationalities enjoy tours to Nha Trang.

Modern Nha Trang

About 400.000 people live now in Nha Trang. Apart from tourism the citizens are involved in fishing. There is also a marine port in the city. Nha Trang is surrounded by beautiful mountains and its beaches are 7 kilometers long. The water in the sea near Nha Trang is warm during most part of the year. It’s usually transparent and turquoise, with almost no waves (that makes the beaches of Nha Trang so attractive), but sometimes it gets cold and turbid after storm.

Tours around Nha Trang

There are many trips you can take from Nha Trang. You can have fun at Vinpearl amusement and water park, feed monkeys at the tropical island or ride elephants, or enjoy the aroma of wonderful orchids.

Our tour operator Dima-Tour offers you tours from Mui Ne to Nha Trang.

The pearl of Vinpearl island in Nha Trang (tour from Mui Ne)

Vinpearl Land (or just Vinpearl) is a huge high level adventure park, where both kids and adults will have a good time.

Use a cable car over the sea to get to the island to admire wonderful views of the sea, the city and Vinpearl island. When you arrive, the beautiful beach with white sand will no doubt impress you. The water here has a very special emerald color.

Vinpearl offers you breathtaking attractions, various rides and slides that fit every taste. The aquarium, or “underwater world” here is definitely worth a visit.

Three islands of Nha Phu Bay (tour from Mui Ne)

Take a wonderful sea trip on a speedboat.

First place to visit is Hon Thi island. Extra cute, shy but still curious dappled deers live here. Here you can also find an ostrich farm and feed those unusual birds if you wish.

The next stop of our journey is at Hon Lan island (the orchids island).  The greenhouse located at the island hosts multiple orchids, so you can admire wonderful flavors and bizarre coloration of this amazing flowers.   For a little extra charge anyone can have a kayak or jet ski ride or even fly a parachute after a speedboat. Those who are not afraid of animals can ride an elephant or an ostrich.

The third island of our trip is the Monkey Island. The island got its name because of multiple monkeys living here. The animals are used to the tourists and they would take the food from your hands willingly. Unlike in most of the zoos, it’s not forbidden to feed the animals here.

You can also jump from the boat into sea water (or carefully use the stairs) and go snorkeling to watch colorful fishes, corals and other marine creatures living their lives in transparent turquoise waters of deep sea.

Prices for tours from Mui Ne to Nha trang

One-day tour to Nha Trang: $60 

You can visit Vinpearl amusement park or three islands at your choice. Entrance tickets and dinner included.

Two-day tour to Nha Trang: $110

Two-day tour to Nha Trang +  Da Lat:  $100

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