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Mekong Delta tour

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Mekong Delta tour is one of the most picturesque tours in Vietnam. The river flows from the mountains of Tibet and streams through Lao, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, so Mekong Delta tour gives your perfect idea of how simple people of South East Asia live. Mekong is about 4500 kilometers long, and, for sure, our Mekong Delta tour can only cover a small distance along this great river, but it allows you to see the real life of its delta.

Mekong Delta tour

Mekong Delta tour, as you can see from its name, brings you to the delta of the river, where it is divided to multiple sleeves before it meets South China Sea.

The Mekong Delta area is about 70000 square meters. The Khmer civilization was born here in ancient times.   It became home for lots of people of different nationalities and religions now. Mekong Delta is very fruitful. Here you can harvest rice several times a year. Corn and fruit trees grow very well here thanks to fertile slit that is a perfect natural fertilizer. The waters of Mekong are full of fish, and fishing is one of the most important industries of the country. Real floating villages of fishermen are built here.


Mekong Delta tour including a visit to floating market and villages is a part of the tours:

  • One-day tour to Saigon for $60;
  • Two-day tour to Saigon for $100.

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