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Hotels in Mui Ne

Mui Ne hotels can offer you different conditions and prices: you can find luxurious villas and private bungalows or economic rooms in small hotels and guest houses. But even if you chose one of cheap Mui Ne hotels you’ll get a decent room and service. Let’s consider all the possible options, all Mui Ne hotels ‘ types.

Mui Ne hotels for families with kids and big groups

So you’re looking for a Mui Ne hotel for your family you plan to bring to Vietnam. If you want your kids to have their own room and place to play, consider renting a villa. In this case you can choose how many bedrooms you need. All villas are equipped with a kitchen where you can cook big family meals. This is also a perfect option for friends or couples traveling together.

Mui Ne hotels for those who appreciate comfort

Hotels in Mui Ne offer you modern, well-equipped, spacious, bright rooms making your vacation pleasant and peaceful. The territory of hotels is full of well-groomed lawns, cozy summer houses and tropical plants. You can find swimming pulls, bars and restaurants in all the hotels. Some hotels even have their own tennis and volleyball courts, golf fields, ping-pong and pull tables. Most hotels in Mui Ne offer free breakfast. The best Mui Ne hotels are situated at the sea shore and offer you comfortable beach chairs at the hotel beach. But the beaches here can vary: there is a huge wide sand beach in the center of Mui Ne, concrete and stony ones in remote parts, narrow and not too clean beach near the fishing village. So please feel free to ask us any questions about nearby beaches.

Mui Ne hotels for romantics

Hotels in Mui Ne have something to offer apart from rooms in main building.  You can book a cozy bungalow at the shore and enjoy wonderful views, wake up and go to sleep listening to the sound of ocean waves. Those small houses are perfect for any couple in love and especially for those who spend their honey moon in Mui Ne. All the bungalows are equipped to provide you maximum comfort.

Mui Ne hotels for the seekers

If you don’t like the idea of staying at the hotel, you can find multiple guest houses in Mui Ne. They usually belong to locals. Usually situated at second line, they offer everything to make your vacation comfortable. You can always find air conditioning, fridge and hot shower there. Staying at a guest house gives you an opportunity to meet many people who prefer traveling on their own.

Guest houses we offer are always safe and hygienic.

You can choose your Mui Ne hotel type and calculate your trip at our site. The price varies slightly for another cities of Vietnam.
Feel free to ask any questions considering prices and booking of any hotel in Mui Ne or another city in Vietnam  see our web site for contact information.

Sites of some large hotels in Mui Ne, Nha Trang and Saigon

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