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Fishing in Vietnam

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Fishing in Vietnam plays a huge role in many people’s lives. South China Sea and local lakes abound in fish, making fishing in Vietnam one of important spheres of economic development. The small village of Mui Ne  used to be just a fishermen settlement, and there is a famous plant producing fish sauce in Phan Thiet, but fishing in Vietnam is not only for local people – anyone can spend some time outdoors and feel the excitement of real fishing in lakes near Mui Ne.

Fishing in Vietnam – the most passionate activity

Any tourist can enjoy fishing in Vietnam. Lakes full of fish are just half-hour drive away from Mui Ne.   Here you can catch perch, bream, carp, eel, mud fish and even piranha. Everyone gets a bamboo fishing rod and plenty of time to enjoy the fishing. If you don’t have much experience (or it’s your first time fishing) – don’t worry!  No one will be left hungry. Sometimes you can catch two fishes at one time, using a rod with two    fishing lines. Those who are too squeamish to stick a bait can use little help from the obliging Vietnamese stuff. All the fish you catch will be cooked at the cafe near the lake. So you can enjoy fish soup and BBQ with traditional Vietnamese herbs. Trust us, that’s delicious!

Schedule: from 8-00 till 14-00.

Cost: $30 per person.

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