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Da Lat

Da Lat city has its own special atmosphere. Situated high above in the mountains and surrounded by lakes, waterfalls and pine forests Dalat has lots of landmarks and landscapes you can admire.  Da Lat was built by the French, that’s why it differs so much from other Vietnamese cities. Architecture, nature, history and arts of Da Lat are very interesting. We are going to show you why this unusual Vietnamese city is really a must-see for every tourist in Mui Ne.

Da Lat history

Da Lat is located about 1500 meters above the sea level, 300 km away from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and 200 km away from the resort of Mui Ne. Allegedly, local tribe of Lat people called this place “the river of Lats” – Da Lat. It also has many unofficial names. It’s called “the small Paris”, because the city was built by the French to escape from hot and stuffy Saigon. Or “the city of never ending spring” for its fresh humid air and   low (for South of Vietnam) annual temperature. And even “the Swiss Alps in Vietnam”, because the views of mountain chains of Da Lat might remind of Alps.


Coffee plantations and serpentine roads on the way to Da Lat

Da Lat is famous for its tea and coffee, that’s why the first stop in our journey is at a coffee plantation.

Then after climbing up the serpentine road we’ll make another stop at a natural view point to admire wonderful mountain landscapes.


Prenn and Datanla waterfalls

There are some landmarks on the way to Da Lat you can’t miss. Those are Prenn and Datanla waterfalls.


Chuk Lam Monastery

After that you head to Chuk Lam Monastery. To get there you can use a cable car or a minibus, if you’re afraid of heights. But don’t forget: if you choose the cable car, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Da Lat.


The Crazy House Hotel

That’s not the end of our journey. So we head to one of the most unusual building in Vietnam. We’re talking about the Crazy House Hotel. It’s not just a usual hotel, it’s a real museum of surrealistic architecture. This hotel reminds most of a small house out of some fairy tale.


Sitting Buddha temple

The Sitting Buddha temple is the next landmark on our way.


Silk fabric

Vietnam if famous for its silks. So another point of interest we offer you to visit in Da Lat is a silk fabric. You can see amazing pictures made of silk here, and also watch Vietnamese experts working right in front of you.


Tea and coffee shop in Da Lat

You can buy famous Da Lat coffee and tea in a special shop we’ll definitely stop at.


Da Lat vine

Well-known Vietnamese vine of the same name is produced in Da Lat. All out tour to Da Lat include a tasty dinner with this famous vine.


Flower garden in Da Lat

Flower Garden is located in the center of Da Lat (it’s only a part of 2-days tour). It’s a beautiful park with multiple orchids and other blooming plants.


Trip to Da Lat is a part of the tours:

One-day tour to Da Lat for $35

Two-day tour to Da Lat for $100

Two-day tour to Nha Trang + Da Lat for  $100

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