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Cu Chi tunnels

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Cu Chi tunnels are located near Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), so called south capital of Vietnam. Cu Chi tunnels is the complex of war structures left from Vietnam War, the whole system of conduits that allowed the Vietnamese guerrilla fight American soldiers. Cu chi tunnels are 3 levels deep; they are not just holes in the ground, but a well-organized system of conduits, that includes housing, military hospitals, food and ammo  storage. Cu Chi tunnels are 150 kilometers long.

Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels have very narrow entrances specially made for small and skinny Vietnamese. While American soldiers could not fit into such a narrow hole, the Vietnamese could enter easily. Darkness, silence and enclosed space of Cu Chi tunnels provoked panic even between brave soldiers, while local people could live there for moths.

Multiple traps were installed in Cu Chi tunnels.


Cu Chi tunnels today

Today some of Cu Chi tunnels are fit to be shown for tourists thanks for recent expansion. Every visitor can squeeze in manhole and walk around old conduits. You can feel the atmosphere of war times in these tunnels.

Another interesting point of the Cu Chi tunnels tour is a visit to the museum of war and the opportunity to shoot the real automatic weapons of that times.


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