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Cham towers near Mui Ne

Cham towers are religious constructions located near the city of Phan Thiet in Vietnam. Cham towers were built by the Cham people, who populated South East Asia. In ancient times they founded strong and powerful state of Champa, but nowadays their population only reaches half a million.

What are Cham Towers?

Take a left turn on the way from Mui Ne to Phan Thiet to get to 3 Cham Towers forming an architectural ensemble. They are still an iconic place for Hindu people. Cham Towers have undergone some reconstruction works, but you still can feel the spirit of antiquity and mystique here. So, there are three Cham Towers located near Phan Thiet. First one is dedicated to the god Shiva. Second one – to his bull called Nandi. Third one –    to princess Poshanu, that’s why the towers near Mui Ne are often called Poshanu Towers. They were built in VII  century AD,  but they are still functioning as temples. Here you can always find different offerings to gods, such as fruits, flowers and incense sticks. Interesting fact – Chams pray in their temples lying down.
There is a viewpoint here you can see the whole city of Phan Thiet from. New weds from Vietnam like coming here to take pictures on the most important day of their life. Poshanu Cham Towers are beautifully  illuminated during evenings and nights.

So if you want to feel the atmosphere of the most ancient religion and stand near centuries-old constructions you should come to visit Cham Towers.

Trip to Cham Towers is a part of the tours:

  • The city of Phan Thiet + Reclining Buddha + Cham Towers,
  • The city of Phan Thiet + Ke Ga lighthouse  + Cham Towers.

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