Best Vietnam visa service. Low prices

Best Vietnam visa service. Low prices
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Price to order short-term Vietnamese visa

Malaysians, Singaporeans, Koreans, Spaniards, Italians, French, Germans and many other citizens can stay in Vietnam for14-30 days without visa but some others need it. List of exemption of entry visa to Vietnam is here.
If you have an invitation letter you can get a visa on arrival. We only charge you for the invitation letter.
Visa fee is $25 (paid at the airport). Citizens of some countries (for example, Russia) get their visas free of charge.
You can find out all the important nuances and necessary documents in this article.

Price to order long-term Vietnamese visa

Sorry, but the long term visa service is TEMPORARY not available. Currently there are changes being made for the Vietnamese legislation. We expect the result of those changes and we’ll make changes to the information on the site. Thank you for your understanding!
The listed price is a full cost of the processing and visa itself.
We also help with getting long-term visa for 2 or 5 years.
We help register your business in Vietnam.
You can find about all the important nuances in this article.

Visa extension

The visa extension is only possible if you are in Vietnam (your passport is needed).
You can find out, when to do it and for what purposes, in this article.

Visa-run tour to Cambodia

Those who stay in Vietnam for a long time with tourist visas (those who are not ready to pay for a long-term visa) use so-called visa-runs. Get more information in this article.
* Single entry visa allows you to enter the country one time. If you want to visit not only Vietnam, but also, for example, Cambodia, but back to Vietnam afterwards, you definitely need a multi entry visa.
* Multi entry visa allows you to enter the country unlimited times.


When you don’t need Vietnamese visa

The citizens of large number of countries don’t need Vietnamese visa to stay in Vietnam up to 15-30 days. Upon arrival, you need to show the border guard a valid passport and a printout of the return ticket. The return ticket is not always requested, but it’s a common practice in almost all countries of the world (you may not be allowed to enter the country without one, so it’s better to have a printout). The border guard stamps your passport, the stamp indicating the final date you can leave the country without fine.

You can find a full list of countries whose citizens are allowed visa-free entry to Vietnam, here.

Vietnamese Visa: how to extend your stay in Vietnam

Vietnamese visa

If you have a stamp for 14-30 (without visa) and you want to extend your stay

If you are planning to stay in Vietnam for more than 14-30 visa free days according to thelist, but you’ve forgotten that you need a Vietnamese visa o you didn’t have time to get it, you need to print out the ticket for the date within 14-30 days (this is a critical case, we get it, so just take a picture of your ticket and change the date using Photoshop or any similar program).

If you violate the visa regime and stay in Vietnam longer than the stamp/visa allows, you will be charged a fine of $ 5 to $ 25 for each day of overstay (the rate depends on the number of days of overstay). Basically, if you insist that you do not have any money, you might leave with no penalty, but you’ll waste time and nerves, and there is no guarantee you won’t miss your flight in this case. However, you can bargain to reduce the fine, and we know many cases when the fine was reduces several times. The penalties are defined by law, but border guards might turn a blind eye to some days of overstay, so use this opportunity!

If you don’t want to worry about a possible fine, contact our company Dima-Tour, we know a legitimate and inexpensive way to avoid problems, and it is to get one more stamp for 15 days. The cost of such a stamp is $35.

If you have Vietnamese visa for 1 month and you want to extend your stay

You can contact us and we will arrange you a visa extension:

  • visa extension for 1 month – $25;
  • visa extension for 2 month – $35;

Now you can also extend your 3 month visa

The cost of 3 month visa extension for one more month is $35.

Visa to Vietnam on arrival

How to get an invitation letter for visa (approval letter)

You can get your Vietnamese visa right at the airport upon arrival in the country. You can do it at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, da Nang, Nha Trang international airports (and also at Phu Quoc airport, soon). At the airport you’ll get a visa at the front desk that says “Visas upon arrival”. If you can’t find it, ask any border guard.

To get your Vietnamese visa on arrival you have to get an Approval Letter (invitation letter) for 1 or 3 month at your choice prior to your departure to Vietnam. You can order this invitation letter in our company. It takes from 3 to 5 days to expedite the invitation letter, but you can get it in 24 hours (for extra fee). To get an invitation letter you have to specify the airport of your arrival, your passport data and length of stay in Vietnam in accordance with your tickets. We’ll send you the invitation letter to your e-mail address.

The cost of issuance of the invitation letter for a visa to Vietnam on arrival:

  • for 1 month, single entry — $10,
  • for 1 month, multiple entries — $15,
  • for 3 months, single entry — $15,
  • for 3 months, multiple entries — $25.

Just email us and we will send you the invitation letter within a few days after receiving your payment.

Terms of processing invitation letters for visa on arrival

Do not delay contacting us, usually all visa documents are issued within 5 days. If the day of your request falls on holidays (for example, on the Vietnamese New Year Tet or Independence Day), registration time can increase up to 2 weeks, as civil servants do not work on holidays.

We can also help you to get Vietnamese visa urgently, but in this case it will cost more.

Cost of visa

We’ve indicated the cost of the invitation letter, Vietnamese visa itself costs $25 for one month stay. You can pay for it at the desk “Visas upon arrival”, in US dollars, cash only, without change.

Getting your visa on arrival

We also advise you to print in advance 2 color 4×6 photos on a white background. If you don’t have any, you’ll be charged an additional fee (up to $10) for a photo at the airport. You can take and fill in Vietnamese visa application form right at the “Visas upon arrival” counter (the application form changes from time to time, so the version you get here is guaranteed to be fresh).

Please note that if you don’t get a multiple entry Vietnamese visa for 1 or 3 month, you can’t exit and enter the country again using such a visa. You can also get a multiple entry Vietnamese visa for 1 or 3 month, but it costs more. Therefore, when applying for an invitation letter for a visa, be sure to specify whether you need a multiple entry visa (that allows you to enter Vietnam multiple times).

Keep in mind that if do not arrive in Vietnam, but in a neighboring country and plan to enter Vietnam by land, you can only enter for a visa free period of 14-30 days (if the one is provided for you), because you need the original of the invitation letter with a red stamp for crossing the land border but not a printout.

Also, you can always apply for a visa to Vietnam at the Embassy or Consulate of your country. But it’s a long process and it’s not very convenient, since you’ll have to get there at least twice. At the same time, to obtain a visa on arrival, you only need to pay for an invitation letter with your bank card VISA or MasterCard or PayPal, receive it to your email and not worry about anything else (since you’ll get you visa right at the airport).

You can contact us to get an advice on all matters relating to the obtaining the invitation letter and visas to Vietnam.

So, to get a visa to Vietnam on arrival, all you you need is:

1. Send us a photo of your passport to , or Viber or Whatsapp: +84-8-999-82-321
2. Choose a payment method: PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union and pay.
3. Within 3-5 working days we will send you an invitation letter via e-mail.
4. Fill in the Vietnamese visa application form (you can find a sample below, and we'll also send you one with your invitation letter).
5. Print out 2 4x6 photos on a white background.
6. Print out the application form, invitation letter, attach photos and show them at the airport at the counter "Visas upon arrival".
7. Get your visa.

Download vietnamese visa application form

Visa to Vietnam when crossing the land border

Invitation letter for one month costs $15, for three months - $25 (for single entry visa). You should order your invitation letter in advance. Processing time is 5 working days. If you need to obtain an invitation faster, it will cost a bit more. Otherwise, the conditions for crossing the land border with Vietnam are the same as for getting a visa on arrival.

Vietnamese Visa: if you have expired your visa

If you leave the country and your visa has expired, or you've stayed in Vietnam more than 14-30 days permitted for visa free stay and you don't plan to come beck within a month, you will have to pay a fine for each day of delay upon departure from Vietnam. The longer your overstay, the bigger the fine. Please contact us in case of any difficulties and we'll advise you what to do in problematic cases.

You can also contact us to obtain a visa in case of overstay. In each case we personally will find for you the amount of the fine or we will extend your visa, taking into account the penalties. Bur keep in mind, that any visa takes 5 days to be issued, so make sure to contact us in advance. If you need a visa urgently, its cost increases.

How to leave Vietnam and return to the country if you have a visa-free stamp

If you have entered Vietnam within/after 14-30 days of visa-free stay, you can enter Vietnam again:

  1. 30 days after the end of visa-free stamp.
  2. Immediately if you have an invitation letter (if you arrive by plane, you can get a letter via e-mail, but if you cross the land border,you need the original of the letter with a stamp, so take care of it in advance with Dima-Tour).

Vietnamese visa for more than 3 month

Currently, Vietnamese legislation authorizes a stay in Vietnam with a tourist visa for only 3 months (+1 month extension). If you want to stay longer, you have to leave the country and enter it with a new invitation letter. Or you can obtain a long-term visa.

Long term visa to Vietnam

Sorry, but the long term visa service is TEMPORARY not available. Currently there are changes being made for the Vietnamese legislation. We expect the result of those changes and we'll make changes to the information on the site. Thank you for your understanding!

Contact Dima-Tour for more information. The prices are changing, but at the moment they are:

  • for 6 months, multiple entries — $250,
  • for 1 year, multiple entries — $350,
  • resident card for 2 years for employees with host company — price on request,
  • resident card for 2 years for employees without host company — price on request,
  • resident card for 5 years for those who own a business (registered firm) in Vietnam — price on request.

We will answer any all your questions and will make sure that your visa to Vietnam will cost you minimum money and nerves. Getting Vietnamese visa with Dima-Tour (a company registered and operating in Vietnam) is very easy.

Assistance in business registration in Vietnam

Our company also carries out business registration in Vietnam. Please contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Vietnamese Visa: Visa tour to Cambodia (visa run with Dima-Tour)

If it's not the first time you extend your stay in Vietnam (and it costs you a lot), and you want to save money and get a new visa to Vietnam for the next 3 months doing a visa run (exit) to Cambodia, the neighboring and closest to the southern part of Vietnam country, our company Dima-Tour offers you a special visa tours to Cambodia.

Visa tour to Cambodia costs $50. The price includes a ride by a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle to Cambodian border and back, as well as invitation letter. In addition, you'll have to pay for a Cambodian visa ($35) and a Vietnamese visa.

Within a month, we organize from two to four trips, depending on the number of participants. We start from Mui Ne at 3:00 AM. You'll be back to Mui Ne in the evening of the same day with a new Vietnamese visa.

Those who stay in Nha Trang have ho get to Mui Ne (we recommend you to buy tickets for a sleeping bus to Mui Ne at 20:00 and back for 1:00 of the next day or book a transfer in advance).

We collect those who live in Saigon on arrival in the city (roughly at 7-8 AM).

We also recommend you to bring $2 (without change) for the Cambodian border guards and 60-100 thousand VND ($3-5) for Vietnamese border guards. In fact, this money is a form of "tips" for the border guards and customs officials, very common here.

In addition, you need two 4x6 photos for the Cambodian visa application form (you can get the form on the border, it's filled in in English). At the moment, a visa tour to Cambodia with Dima-Tour is the most convenient, budget option for extending visas for those who stay in Vietnam for a long time..

Please, note: The validity of the passport!

Pay attention! Your passport must be valid for at least another 6 months to enter Vietnam. Before (until 2015), it was a period of 3 months. Now, you won't be able to leave you country, but even if you are, you'll get in even more trouble ath the Vietnamese border. If you are getting visa on arrival, you'll have to pay a fine of $ 150, but if you enter the country without a visa (with a stamp), you may be refused entry.

Please, note: Return ticket

If for some reason you are unable to print out a return ticket for a date that fits your invitation letter or your stamp for 14-30 days, you can tell you have a flight home from Cambodia and you go there within 2 weeks by bus. Sometimes, no one requests your return ticket, but now you know what to say otherwise, to avoid problems, if you don't have a ticket. This is regarding the arrival or entry into Vietnam. But you should also understand that a return ticket may be requested upon departure. And, depending on the country of departure, your explanations about the bus to Cambodia may not work. So make sure to have a printout of the return ticket in any form, at least in form of reservation (as a last resort, you can use your Photoshop skills).

Please, note: Cash!

Please note that if you pay for visa to Vietnam (as well as for visa to Cambodia) and the lack of photos at the airport or at the land border, all payments are accepted only in cash. You won't have access to ATMs in the area, where you get the visa, as well as at the land border with Cambodia. Therefore, make sure that you have all the required amounts of cash in US dollars and preferably without change, in advance.

We remind you that Cambodian visa costs $35 plus $2 "tip". One month Vietnamese visa costs $25. "Tips" for Vietnamese border guards is $5. If you have not prepared 4x6 photos in advance, you may be asked to pay $10 at the Vietnamese and Cambodian borders.

Download vietnamese visa application form

All information is relevant for 2018.


English - Vietnamese phrasebook

"Hi", "thanks", the names of the dishes and some Vietnamese numerals to bargain at the market are what you need first.

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