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Ha Long bay in northern Vietnam

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Ha Long Bay is formed by more than 3000 islands, beautiful rocks, high cliffs and mysterious caves. Ha Long Bay has an area of 1500 square kilometers; it’s located in the Gulf of Tonkin of South China Sea. There are several fishing villages around Ha Long Bay with about 1600 people living in floating houses in four of them.

There are many popular legends about most beautiful places of Vietnam. Ha Long Bay has its very own story about a dragon who lived in the mountains but once came down and cut hollows of different shapes and sizes.  They got filled with water and formed lots of small islands. Ha Long means “the place where the dragon descended to the sea”.

Ha Long Bay and its islands

Cat Ba is the biggest island in Ha Long Bay. Picturesque lakes, waterfalls, caverns and a national park are located here.

The most developed island is Tuan Chau.

Drum cavern situated in Ha Long Bay is one of its kind. Every time the wind blows hard, it produces the sound of a drumbeat.

Dau Go cave is called the most beautiful cave of the bay.

Ha Long Bay is called the eight wonder of the world. And it’s a truly beautiful place.

Price for the tour to Ha Long Bay from Mui Ne:  $550 (by plane). It’s a 2-days tour.

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